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CWD Standards Comparison between Industry and USDA Versions

July 11, 2013


Standards Working Group Adopts Only 25% of Cervid Rep’s Suggestions

The American Cervid Alliance analyzed two major versions of the standards from the CWD Standards Working Group led by USDA’s Dr Patty Klien. The Standards Working Group, which concluded in early June, produced the final running draft of the standards known as Version 22. Version 22 is currently being prepped for the public comment period after the completion of technical approval by USDA attorneys.

In April, Version 18, known as the “Industry Suggestions Draft” was created after the Working Group allowed a subcommittee of the committee’s cervid and state veterinarian representatives to offer an alternative they could all agree to live with.  Version 18, which had the approval of Eric Mohlman, Shawn Shafer and Charly Seale, was submitted to the full Working Group.  The remainder of the Working Group then reviewed the suggestions to determine which ones they would incorporate into the running draft. 

After a side by side comparison of Version 18 and Version 22, it shows that only 25% of the industry suggestions made by Mohlman, Shafer, and Seale, were adopted by the Standards Working Group after it was presented.  Version 18 made 241 changes the cervid industry needed. Version 22 reflects only 61 of the 241 changes within the 56 page document.

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