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USDA APHIS' Releases Proposed CWD Program Standards Changes

March 25, 2018

The USDA APHIS' proposed revisions to the Chronic Wasting Disease Program Standards is now available to the public. The release of the proposed changes triggers a thirty-day public comment period that lasts from now until April 30, 208.

It is very important the entire cervid industry review this document and plan to submit public comments accordingly. The American Cervid Alliance is scheduling an emergency council meeting to review the changes and highlight the positive and negative changes. The American Cervid Alliance has requested its 41-member associations to review the documents and call a special meeting of their respective boards in order to gather immediate feedback. The thirty-day period will end quickly, as it takes time for associations to meet, make determinations and generate grassroots efforts to post comments. 

Exact instructions for submitting public comments will be distributed soon.

As a reminder, the cervid has anticipated this new document for over two years. During the 2015 USAHA conference in Rhode Island, the cervid industry offered a resolution that was approved to revise the CWD Program Standards, currently in effect. The working group convened in July 2016.  The ACA thanks APHIS for this process taking place.

After the comment period closes on April 30, USDA APHIS will revise the document and publish the final version. 

Click here for the link of the proposed CWD Program Standards. 

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