American Cervid Alliance

American Cervid Alliance Enters Third Year

March 13, 2015

Travis Lowe & Todd Landt Elected Moderator, Secretary

AYR, NE- The American Cervid Alliance recently convened to examine cervid industry issues and legislative updates from around the nation. The council also elected two new officers for 2015.  Travis Lowe was elected to serve as the alliance’s moderator with Todd Landt elected to serve as the secretary/treasurer. Eric Mohlman decided not to seek another term as moderator.  The Counsel thanks him for his service as the alliance’s moderator since its inception.

In January the American Cervid Alliance grew to 39 deer and elk member organizations.  This illustrates tremendous growing support for the alliance. The ACA was originally created with 24 associations meeting via conference call to build a team network of communication and decision making. Since then, the alliancehas grown to incorporate over 90% of deer and elk associations with an active charter.

2014 proved to be a very successful year for the alliance with the hiring of a public relations firm to help offset negative media.  Since July 2014, over eighty editorials have been written by cervid industry leaders and published in major media outlets. Charly Seale, who serves as the alliance’s media relations chairman, said this has had an impact. “We have gone from seeing five negative editorials a day to just a couple per week,” said Seale. The editorials use the best known science to refute the inaccurate claims written by opponents critical of the cervid industry. Seale continued, “Most of us can write a great letter but if we can’t get it published then we are just preaching to our membership. This campaign has been huge and we are grateful for all those participating associations and individuals who make it possible.”

The ACA sees 2015 as a very successful year as more and more legislative battles are won just as they already have in states like West Virginia.  All eyes are on Missouri as deer breeders work through the legislature and the courts to keep their industry alive.  According to many in this industry, Missouri will be “ground zero” in the fight to strengthen the cervid industry across the nation.

The American Cervid Alliance appreciates Eric Mohlman’s work as moderator in the previous two years.  Eric Mohlman told the council he has been elected chairman of the Elk Research Council but still plans to be an active ACA councilman. “This has been a great pleasure,” Mohlman told the council. “This alliance has accomplished a lot and we should all be proud to be involved.”

Travis Lowe, a lobbyist in Kansas, takes over as the alliance’s moderator. Lowe also serves as executive director of the North American Elk Breeders Association and the Elk Research Council.  Todd Landt, past-president of the Iowa Whitetail Deer Association, has been elected to handle the finances as the alliance’s Secretary/Treasurer.  Lowe and Landt see only good things for 2015 and a great future for the cervid industry.


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