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Missouri Deer Association Works to Override Governor’s Veto

July 9, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY, MO- The Missouri Deer Association (MDA) plans to seek an override of Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes of two bills that would alter deer farmers’ regulatory oversight.  The two bills, Senate Bill 506 and House Bill 1326, would change regulatory control from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  The bills were passed by a large majority of legislators from both the Senate and House earlier this year and will be reconsidered this autumn.

The legislation would bring Missouri’s farmed cervid regulations under the oversight of their state’s Department of Agriculture, a move that would be comparable to many other states across the country whose farmed cervid industry is already under their Department Agriculture.  The legislation would also shield deer farmers from MDC’s recently adopted proposals that would cripple the industry.  

Sam James, president of the Missouri Deer Association, said their association is determined to see this process through to the end.  “Our state legislators already passed the bills overwhelmingly because they get it. They looked at the science and facts and compared them with the negative media hype from the conservation special interest groups. It didn’t add up and we are grateful for their courage to stand for what’s right.”  

The Missouri Department of Conservation has publically stated that the deer farmers are a probable catalyst for the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and therefore opposed the passage of the bills.  

James continued, “Our deer are the healthiest deer in the state.  We have to be certified “CWD free” for at least five years before we can bring them in the state, meanwhile the MDC has imported wild elk for relocation projects that are not monitored for CWD. Something doesn’t make sense here.”

The American Cervid Alliance supports the Missouri Deer Association’s efforts to override the Governor’s veto this fall.


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