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Final CWD Program Standards Published; USDA: "Made four minor changes"

May 9, 2014


Initial ACA Analysis: Double Fencing, Transit Notice & Top Soil Requirements Remain in Final Document

AYR, NE- The USDA/APHIS has released the final version of the Federal Chronic Wasting Disease Program Standards after consideration of comments submitted during the 90 day public comment period.  It was noted after 328 submitted comments
"APHIS reviewed the comments and made four minor changes."

The major problems voiced by the unified cervid industry for the last year such as double fencing, top soil removal requirements, sale barn language, and transiting notice is still alive and well in the final document. 

The American Cervid Alliance leaders are already scheduled to convene next week and will discuss the document. 


APHIS Revises CWD Program Standards


WASHINGTON, May 9, 2014— The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has made minor revisions to the program standards for chronic wasting disease (CWD). The revised standards have been posted on the APHIS website.


APHIS published the standards in the Federal Register on December 31, 2013 and accepted comments through March 31, 2014. We would like to thank our stakeholders for their comments and recommendations on the standards. The 328 comments provided valuable insight into stakeholder concerns and priorities. The comments also reflected the positions held by stakeholders that were noted by the working group that was convened in November 2012 to revise the original program standards.


APHIS reviewed the comments and made four minor changes. These changes will correct inconsistencies in language within the standards or between the standards and the CWD final rule. The revised program standards are dated May 2014 and take effect immediately. APHIS’ CWD website provides additional details about the changes that were made and summarizes other suggested changes that are not being adopted at this time.


The program standards offer optional guidance to facilitate compliance with the CWD final rule that established a herd certification program and interstate movement requirements to control CWD in farmed or captive cervids in the United States. The standards will be reviewed at least annually by representatives of the cervid industry and appropriate State and Federal agencies, and amended as necessary.


See the APHIS website for more information about CWD and APHIS’ voluntary herd certification program.

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